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To validate an innovative model adopting as new strategy the simultaneous interaction on Offer and Demand, being the backbone axis, the Tourism Resource of great European interest as generator element of environmental commitments in line with the European strategy for the fight against Climate Change.


  • To model an innovative approach of reference for the European rural tourism sector in support of the European strategy for the "fight against climate change" (COM 2007, 2 final).
  • To implement the model taking "St. James Way" as illustrative platform of experimentation due to its great impact as "Pan-European tourist resource" and high transfer potential at international level (European Council: "A first European culture route").
  • To demonstrate a potential of GHG emissions volume reduction above 20% in SMES of the European tourism sector by means of a pilot action carried out in 5 lodging houses", located in 5 Spanish regions.
  • To validate the model through the results obtained of the pilot actions and an additional quality control aimed at transfer purposes and carried out by a national Authority for Environment of a different European Country (Austria), for increasing in value the results towards other geographic areas and European tourist routes, in line with the Communication of the E.C. COM (2010 352) final of 30.06.2010 : "Europe the world’s Nº 1 tourist destination".
  • To execute a wide scope impact dissemination strategy of actions and results through mass-media, social networks and prescribers of the European Tourist Sector, associated to the valorization of the model for transfer purposes.
  • To generate a permanent sensibilisation network and of environmental commitments to boost Civil Society's ethical leadership by means of concrete measures for the fight against climate change using St. James itinerary as dissemination vector aimed at thousands pilgrims and the volunteers'activity in their lodging houses network.
  • To extract lessons learnt of the Civil Society's contribution for supporting the EU common position and its Environmental Policy in terms of the fight against climate change through demonstrative projects in the direction recommended by the EC and the EESC during the preparatory meetings of Rio 2012.


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