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Main Result of the project

  • o To validate an innovative model adopting as new strategy the simultaneous interaction on Offer and Demand, being the backbone axis, the Tourism Resource of great European interest as generator element of environmental commitments in line with the European strategy for the fight against Climate Change.

Other expected results

  • Catalogue of measures for sustainability 2.0 with 100 environmental measures as minimum (B.P.s and B.A.T.s) of easy implementation in the SMEs of the European tourist sector.
  • How-to guide aimed at SMEs of the European tourist sector containing the methodology to follow for achieving the 20% reduction of GHG emissions with a low cost.
  • Annual update of the bank of environmental commitments acquired by pilgrims and the list of adhesions to the project by entities of the sector.
  • Involvement in the pilot action of more than 10000 pilgrims of more than 10 EU countries by means of adhesions to participative dynamics and commitments accredited in the on-line project platform.
  • Adhesion platform to the project of more than 100 tourism-related entities and SMEs committed to reduce 20% the volume of GHG emissions by 2020.
  • 20% reduction of the energy consumption and GHG emissions in every one of the 5 lodging houses.
  • 5000 CO2 tons and 10000 m3 water reduced as result of the "water-energy" binomial based on self-certification of pilgrims.


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