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LIFE STARS +20 Project will perform a wide range of actions about tourist offer (lodging houses) and on the demand (the tourists and pilgrims) taking as a challenging vector the St. James Way.

Demonstrative experimentation on the offer side: Summary of the action.

For that, St. James Way is selected as European cultural route to place the demonstrative action in an operative context of Pan-European transnationality. Five lodging houses of the St. James Way (one by Aragón, Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla-León and Galicia Regions) will constitute the demonstrative experimentation basis on the demonstration side of the CO2 reduction potential of more than 20 % in lodging establishments of reference for rural tourism.

Based on the consumptions level through environmental self-diagnosis carried out in every lodging house, an Action Plan composed by 20 application measures for reducing more than 20% their GHG emissions, will be laid down. Among other measures, the introduction of missing environmental technologies for a carbon low economy is foreseen (renovable- energy, new ecotechnic applications, solar gadgets, house automation applied to lighting, water and air conditioning, etc.) together with good environmental practices based on efficiency and saving behaviors.

Every one of these measures will be monitored by the on-line platform, accessible through the project home page and in each lodging house where they are applied through an "info-point". It will be possible to monitor consumptions and emissions reduction by every application and measure and its corresponding analysis of environmental cost/benefit ratio. This will allow to identify the best cost return and competitive advantage with transfer aims.

The basis for selecting the above mentioned measures and applications will be a catalogue of BATs and BPs proposed by the technologic beneficiaries associated of the project, incorporating environmental technologies with potential for the emissions reduction. The choose of the measures to apply in each lodging house will be decided with the incorporation of the sectorial criteria provided by the Federation of Associations of the Camino de Santiago and the transfer potential to other European regions and cultural routes through report produced by the Ministry for Environment in Austria.

Demonstrative experimentation on the demand side

The double intervention of the project on supply and demand, taking the St. James Way as channeling vector, implies a component of high innovation that requires together with the experimentation measures in each lodging house, the development of a demonstrative experimentation focused to the Civil Society and the demand of the services related to the tourism resource.

In this case, the demonstrative experimentation aims at demonstrating "how" the potential of ethical leadership of the European Civil Society can reach emissions reduction objectives in support to the European strategy for the fight against climate change, through generating an environmental commitments bank and applying of participative dynamics.


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